Brick & Bond Spotlight: The Nolan Townhomes

July 7, 2023

Our mission at Brick & Bond is to build and curate dynamic districts. We believe what’s most essential to a dynamic district are the energetic and lively places that connect people to the vibrancy of their local community.

Our vision is to help develop downtown Casper and the Old Yellowstone District into the most dynamic area in Casper, Wyoming. This area is on its way to becoming a premier culture and entertainment hub, and we’re excited to attract dynamic people to live in this dynamic district by positioning The Nolan Townhomes at the heart of the development. 

Martin Axlund, Director of Brick & Bond, is passionate about moving positive energy toward and throughout the Old Yellowstone District (OYD). “When you look at building a dynamic downtown, the key is having people live there. How do we create something new? Something vibrant? It’s about life. We know communities thrive when they have people living in their downtowns. Being able to live, work, and play in this area is so important.”

What are The Nolan Townhomes?

The Nolan Townhomes are a unique development and property built to help residents get the best of living in downtown Casper. Brick & Bond is extremely proud of the construction progress on The Nolan Townhomes, and is thrilled for residents to be able to move in and experience luxury living right here in downtown Casper. 

These high-end luxury units in the heart of downtown Casper include:

  • 2,450 square feet of indoor living space over three floors (3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms)
  • Attached 550 square foot two car heated garage
  • Additional 800 square foot roof top terrace with a birdseye view of Casper’s beautiful scenery
  • The exterior of each townhouse is equipped with durable high end cement fiber board panels, accented with modern burned wood siding
  • Attractive vine wall panels are included between each townhouse to provide privacy for each home owner 
  • A fenced grass courtyard borders the front of each townhouse giving each homeowner personalized green space
  • Meticulously crafted interiors to create a dynamic space for you to call home

As part of the OYD, one of our goals is to make The Nolan an accessible and inseparable facet of downtown Casper’s future. When living at the Nolan, you have the community at your fingertips.

Your experience includes:

  • Breathtaking views of Casper Mountain
  • Access to David Street Station
  • Access to popular events all around at places like David Street Station, Gas Light Social or The Lyric.
  • Access to local restaurants and breweries
  • Walking distance to farmers markets and other community events

With so much of downtown Casper’s incredible cultural, culinary, and retail opportunities only a few steps from home, residents of The Nolan will never be disconnected.

Connecting with Community

The Nolan Townhomes contribute to Brick & Bond’s vision of creating dynamic districts and showcase our unique approach of property curation.

In particular, we look at Downtown Casper and the Old Yellowstone District through the lens of curation, and ask ourselves questions like: How do we curate a community our kids want to come back to? How do we build environments that people want to live in? How do we create an environment for people to be proud of, with opportunities for culture, entertainment, and employment?

For our team at Brick & Bond, unconventional projects such as The Nolan Townhomes are the answer.

In Axlund’s words: “When you live in these townhomes, you’re becoming part of the community. You’re in the mix of everything. It’s about living and breathing what Casper’s all about. You’re experiencing the best of us. We’re curating a district that makes people want to be connected.”

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