Brick & Bond Spotlight: Push Massage Therapy

October 19, 2023

At Brick & Bond, we get excited about businesses that invigorate the communities they’re in. Whether through innovation, passion, or dedication (or a combination of all three), we take great pride in working with local businesses that have a clear mission to improve people’s lives with the services they provide.

Push Massage Therapy, located on the basement level of the Hilltop Bank building on Durbin Street, is a small business doing exactly that. Owner Emily Bower returned to Casper in 2019 to reopen Push Massage Therapy, and has been working diligently to provide high-quality massage therapy services to Casper residents ever since.

Approachable Luxury in Downtown Casper

Though Push Massage Therapy reopened in 2019, Emily Bower has been active in the industry for 21 years. After a career fair in high school changed her sights from the medical field to massage therapy, Emily was able to land her first official job as a massage therapist at the Four Seasons in Jackson — a position that shaped her philosophy on her practice for years to come. 

Push Massage Therapy originally opened in Casper in 2014, after Emily noticed a gap in the market for massage therapy practices with an elevated level of aesthetic and customer service. “I wanted to bring my experience of luxury into what I created here,” she tells us. “As soon as you walk in, I want you to be able to feel that you’re just comfortable. That it’s going to be a safe experience.”

Expanding Her Vision

After a brief time away from Casper, Emily returned to our community with the goal of reopening Push. One of her main priorities was to build an environment that was welcoming and memorable as a safe space for people to escape to and relax. “Some of the things that we really stand for is consistency, compassion, and having it be comfortable and clean,” she says. “These are the things and values that we really want people to experience when they're here.”

Emily worked with Brick & Bond to find a location that would allow her to achieve these goals, and that gave her the freedom to expand her vision and dreams in the ways that she wanted. “I was lucky that I knew Bryce [True, Assistant Director of Real Estate & Development at Brick & Bond], and he knew I was looking for a space. He had a vision that I didn’t.” Emily admitted that she was a little unsure when she first saw the space in the basement, but added, “When I said, ‘I can’t see it,’ Bryce said, ‘You don’t have to — I can see it.’ Brick & Bond was there the entire way, holding my vision to help me create something that I couldn't quite see yet.”

Providing a Much-Needed Service to Casper, Wyoming

Brick & Bond may have played a small part in Push Massage Therapy’s story, but Emily’s tenacity and values are what make Push truly shine. 

Emily is looking toward the future, and is planning to offer a specific type of service, designed to cater to community members with histories of trauma. “I’m hoping to offer something new,” she tells us. “We have a massage therapist who is a trauma-informed therapist, and she really would like to be able to offer these treatments to people who can’t afford them. We’re currently trying to find a way to offer those services.” 

We’re thrilled to have Emily and Push as clients, but we’re even more happy to know that they’re back in Casper, helping community members receive services that improve their lives. “I like the smallness and hometown feel of Casper,” she says. “The connectedness of a lot of the people who have stayed here, and what they've created. Especially Downtown —  a lot of younger people who have had a vision. It’s really fun to be included in all of that.”

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