Brick & Bond Spotlight: Metro Coffee

September 27, 2023

In addition to curating dynamic districts here in Casper and the surrounding area, one of our favorite missions is to provide support and encouragement to the small businesses that make our community such a welcoming, exciting place. Small business owners and entrepreneurs bring a determined spirit to our economic landscape, and we are dedicated to nurturing their efforts.

Located in our Centennial Hills development, Metro Coffee is a fantastic example of a dynamic small business that is dedicated to quality, community, and hard work. Owner Sean Peverly took over the business in 2017, and has worked diligently to uphold Metro Coffee as a Casper staple. 

Quality as a Passion

Before Sean Peverly was running a coffee shop, he was working in a completely different industry. “When we took over I was in healthcare; I'm a medical technologist by trade,” he says. “I was in the midst of some big changes as far as my healthcare career goes, and I wanted to find an investment opportunity. One of my friends happened to own Metro and we jokingly talked about me buying it.”

While it may have started out as nothing more than a fun idea, Sean has turned his career at Metro Coffee into serious business. His experience in healthcare influenced how highly he regards quality — whether it’s quality in product, protocol, or customer service. Sean has a laser focus on doing the best work he can, and teaching his staff how to do the same.

“As things went on, I stepped out of healthcare to emphasize Metro as a business. So I decided to just step into the entire world,” he tells us. “At that point we had a five-year plan: by 2022 we wanted our downtown shop to be a premier spot. Metro had been known for a while, but we wanted to make a huge go of it. We drove high-quality, great customer service, and focused on the customer experience because that’s where healthcare was headed at the time.”

Mentoring the Next Generation of Workers

A facet of Metro Coffee that Sean feels most strongly about is his staff — specifically, hiring young workers and training them to be effective and successful. “We’re employing young kids, below the age of 22, and paying them well. I find it exhilarating to give them a chance to learn how to work and to be part of a workforce. To learn what businesses can be to a community. I love that part of it — allowing a kid to grow and learn how to be a better employee.”

From Coffee Drinker to Coffee Connoisseur

We asked Sean what his favorite part of owning Metro Coffee is, and his answer came quickly. “I’m going to say the roasting,” he says. “When I first started I was only a coffee drinker, but I love roasting it, then bringing it to the table, knowing it’s fresh. One of my favorite things when I get to roast or serve it, from latte to americano, I know that we’re serving great coffee, and that we’re offering the community a quality product.” 

Metro Coffee is one of the longest-standing coffee shops in Casper, and is run by Sean and his two children. They roast their coffee, and do roughly everything they can in-house, save a few specialty items. From making their own bagels and empanadas with fresh dough, to meticulously overseeing the beans that they roast, Metro Coffee is about as local as you can get. 

Brick & Bond is proud to have Metro Coffee as a tenant at the Compass at Centennial Hills, and we have enjoyed watching the business evolve and thrive over the years — almost as much as we’ve enjoyed their coffee! 

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