Brick & Bond Spotlight: Empowered Chiropractic

August 3, 2023

As we work to curate districts that provide value and vitality to the neighborhoods they serve, our team at Brick & Bond thinks carefully about the businesses that will call these developments home. Finding business owners with a heart for community and their eyes on the future is one of our highest priorities, and one that we take great joy in upholding. 

Empowered Chiropractic, located in The Compass at Centennial Hills, is one of these incredible businesses. Dr. Erica Higgins is a Wyoming native who is determined to help improve her patients’ lives by equipping them with neurologically-based chiropractic care, friendly expertise, and a specific, scientific approach to health.

Empowering Patients with Specific Care

Dr. Erica is dedicated to providing a different kind of chiropractic care — without any of the “twisting, popping, and cracking.” Empowered Chiropractic offers “neurologically-based chiropractic care,” and it’s considered to be the most advanced chiropractic technique available to date. 

“Our mission at Empowered Chiropractic is to allow full families to seek better health for themselves,” says Dr. Erica. “So that they can enrich their lives at home and be ready to positively impact their homes and communities. We serve infants, just hours old, through people navigating their golden years. We firmly believe that we can change the health of our community and the impact that can have is endless.”

Watching Dr. Erica work to not only build her business but also stay steadfast in her mission has been an inspiration. This determination and dedication to principle was one of the things that drew Brick & Bond to Empowered Chiropractic. 

“After graduating in late 2019, I got married and started looking for spaces to open Empowered,” she tells us. “We jumped hurdles such as a family health event, my husband taking a new fire job, and the biggest hurdle of all: a pandemic.”

It was during the height of COVID-19 that Dr. Erica was touring properties, trying to find someone who would believe in the business plan and culture she wanted to create. “As time moved on, the Compass property was making a lot of forward movement on developing their complex. We inquired about leasing a space and worked with Marty for months to iron out details. We’re grateful they took a risk on us as a new business, and we’re happy to be a thriving portion of the Compass Property. 

Aligning Business with Community

Empowered Chiropractic is active within Casper, and contributes to the collective spirit we aim to cultivate in our dynamic districts. 

“We are community-minded,” says Dr. Erica. “We want to help people within our four walls, but also be active outside of them. We’re of the same mindset regarding how we want to affect the community, which is nice to know.”

Empowered Chiropractic is active when it comes to volunteering. “Our team often volunteers at different places throughout the year — community service, things our patients have going on. We also like to hold patient appreciation days, like our ladies night in February. We also have a family appreciation night for kids, and a men’s event in the fall. We try to do things for our patients, and provide donations to different organizations in town. Helping people outside the office is one of our pillars.”

Enthusiastically Serving Her Mission

At Brick & Bond, we want to provide an experience that allows businesses to enthusiastically serve their missions through the services they provide. Dr. Erica and Empowered Chiropractic are shining examples of this. 

“As a native Wyomingite, I knew I would return home after finishing chiropractic school in Texas. My husband and family are planted in Casper, and we worked together to open this business. We are beyond grateful for what we’ve accomplished in 2.5 years, but it was not easy. It took so much hard, diligent work.” 

We couldn’t be more happy to have Empowered Chiropractic in The Compass at Centennial Hills. To learn more about Empowered Chiropractic and the services they provide, please visit their website.

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